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Your Personality, Your Opinions, Your Interview. Perfected.

Welcome to Talking Points!

Talking Points provides coaching for pageant contestants to help them prepare for their personal and on-stage interview competitions. Talking Points focuses on drawing out a contestant's individual, unique voice and provides winning strategies around how to display this authenticity in every interview answer. Through practicing questions and discussing feedback, contestant responses are shaped into confident, impactful statements that leave a lasting impression with the judges.

Talking Points owner, Elise Ghebremichael (formerly Horner), is a former pageant contestant with 17 years of experience at the local, state, and national level. She has consistently won the interview phase of competition. With a proven record of success in the pageant world, Elise provides consulting services to pageant contestants seeking their own successful pageant record. 

Learn more about Elise and read client success stories here.

Never competed in a pageant before?

Competed before, but didn't achieve the results you wanted?

Want to take your pageant interview skills to a higher level?

Talking Points is the place for you.

To schedule your one-one-one interview coaching session, Email or Call 713-523-0997 Today!